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Uncertified Wings - Pilot Declaration

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Pilots that fly with BHPA Insurance MUST check to see if their wings are certified and that the certification is recognised by the BHPA. The rules state - "BHPA members must fly acceptably certificated aircraft, or aircraft that have been entered on the BHPA registration database", see document BHPA_Rules.pdf. 

Therefore pilots who fly uncertified wings must complete and send off the registration form “Pilot’s Declaration: Uncertified Wings” found on the BHPA website:-

NOTE - The BHPA does NOT currently recognise DGAC certification. DGAC stands for Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile and is the French civil aviation authority. It issues a certificate of airworthiness for ulm craft and is recognised in France, Germany and other EU countries. The tests are done by the wing manufacturers who confirm compliance to DGAC who then issue the type approval.

Examples of Paramotor Wings with ONLY DGAC Approval:

  • Nucleon WRC
  • Synthesis 2
  • Snake
  • Hadron
  • Revo 2
  • GTR
  • GTX

Paramotor wings such as the Dudek Nucleon(not the WRC) & Dudek Synthesis(Not Synth2) are certified as an EN-C Certification but ONLY with Trimmer Tape Lock as set when leaving the factory (see below).

Important: Trimmer Tape Lock

On leaving the factory, paraglider risers are equipped with a plastic buckle blocking trimmer use. As such, the paraglider confirms to the EN norm. However, if you want to get that additional angle of attack regulation, all you have to do is move the buckle toward black loop which pulls the trimmer in.

Remember, the paraglider was NOT certified in any other configuration than fully closed trims! PLEASE CHECK YOUR MANUALS

A useful online resource detailing information for many different wings can be found by visiting -

Discussion on the subject can be found at


Speed Wings

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This information has been provided by Nik Valiris Chief Coach at the TVHGC .......

Just a quick check point for those using (sub 20m2) Speed Wings and Mini Paragliders on BHPA sites.

Pilots must make sure they have the 'Development Gliders Endorsement' with the BHPA to fly uncertified sub-20m2 wings.  Without this endorsement with the BHPA you will be uninsured and flying outside the rules of the BHPA should anything happen.  It also means the club itself is operating outside the BHPA rules so affect us all.  However thankfully it is simple to apply for and only needs to be registered once.  I have included the link below:

Also to comply with BHPA Rules and Regulations for these uncertified wings they must be registered with the BHPA using the ‘Wing Registration’ form.  The process and link to the form for this I have attached below and again its simple and straight forward:

If you intend on using sub 20m2 (mini paragliders or speed wings) wings on BHPA sites please make sure you have both of these covered.

Many thanks,