No Fly Zones

We observe the “No Fly Zones”, see google map below. These zones are marked on the map and must be avoided at any altitude and by 1000ft horizontally:

  • 1. Equestrian centre with riding ring.
  • 2. Challow Station hamlet.
  • 3. Equestrian centre.
  • 4. Goosey Village.
  • 5. Denchworth village.
  • 6. West Challow village.
  • 7. Equestrian field for exercising horses

All other habitation, smallholding and equestrian centre in the Vale should also be avoided by ANO low flying rule 1000ft vertically above the highest object within 600 metres or at glide clear altitude, whichever is highest.

NOTE - Challow Hill Farm is also to be avoided by 500ft using the normal ANO low flying rule. In addition the road, A417, must not be overflown below 100 ft agl. This is mandatory in the ANO concerning take-offs over roads and the potential to startle traffic. All take off runs in the direction of the road must start at the furthest end of the field and pilots should climb out by turning towards the railway line.