Stuck in the Mud

I managed a 30min flight Saturday morning and landed at 9am just as the thermals started kicking off.  

Weekend got off to a bad start for Paul & K, they got stuck in the mud Friday night.  However a great forecast bought out many pilots and once the ground dried a bit on Saturday afternoon, we all helped push them out of the mud!

During the evening I had another flight, it was NIL wind and I could go 25mph in any direction!  However it was cold and I only had thin gloves on, so I wasn’t up for long.  I was supposed to go on an XC to fly various Wiltshire White Horses with Stephen (see –, but he had an engine out and landed in the NE field with the cows!  So this will be a task for another time!  

Francis was training students Scott, Maggie and Phil P.  Scott managed to get 2 flights in, both forward launches and I took a video of his second flight:-

Phil almost got off the ground, but ended up aborting:-

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